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Who We Are

We're Pink Pollos, a dynamic blend of "Breaking Bad" enthusiasts, front-end aficionados, and software professionals with two decades of combined experience. We’re not just about code; we're about fostering a playground for creativity, adaptability, and the extraordinary. We believe that your genius isn’t about controlling chaos—it’s about leveraging it.

What We Do

  • Front-end Development: Beyond coding, we're Agile virtuosos.
  • Coaching Teams: Cultivating brilliance, not just growth.
  • Agile Guidance: Transforming your journey into an educational, fun odyssey.

What We Need

We're in search of Freelance Scrum Masters who resonate with our ethos. We’re looking for professionals who can work at least 2 days on-site per week, diving headfirst into projects that transform chaos into a strategic advantage.

What You'll Do

  • Lead your team with fearless adaptability.
  • Facilitate ceremonies that aren't just rituals, but stages for unleashing creativity.
  • Turn work into a playground where ideas flourish.  

What We Don’t Care About

Forget the degrees. Forget the years of experience. If you're passionate, skilled, and can prove it, we want you.


  • Be a Certified Scrum Master (or similar).
  • Willingness to spend at least 2 days per week in the office.
  • Mastery over English; Dutch proficiency is a plus.
  • Legal work status in the Netherlands.

What You'll Get

  • Competitive hourly rates.
  • A chance to actualize tech dreams.
  • Networking opportunities in an environment that values innovation and culture over rigid corporate norms.

How to Unleash Your Potential

Ready to dance with disruption and adapt with agility? Apply now by sending us your portfolio, case studies, or anything that showcases your genius in leveraging chaos.

Don't just imagine—actualize. Join Pink Pollos and turn your awesome potential into ongoing reality.

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