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Because great frontend should be made with a smile.

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What we do

Frontend development

We don't just provide front-end developers, we give you Agile virtuosos. Trained by industry veterans, they're ready to dive headfirst into the heart of your product development and user experience. We promise more than code – we deliver creativity, adaptability, and the power of play.

Coaching teams

Our team coaches and Scrum Masters don't just grow teams, they cultivate brilliance. We sharpen minds, inject joy into work, and supercharge teams to conquer any task. We don't just offer coaching, we infuse your team with the spirit of fearlessness, adaptability, and never-ending learning.

Agile guidance

Navigating the Agile landscape can be daunting, but not with us. Our Agile coaches don't just understand the frameworks and modern transition techniques, they're maestros in the symphony of change. We're not just about getting you to the other side, we're about making the journey fruitful, educational, and fun.

What makes us different

Dream, do, repeat

Don't just imagine — actualize. We believe that the road to your wildest tech goals starts with a dream. We're here to help you visualize, execute, and iterate, so that your dreams aren't just dreams—they're your ongoing reality.

Embrace the chaos

Genius isn't controlling chaos — it's leveraging it. In the whirlwind world of tech, we'll guide you to dance with disruption, adapt with agility, and find the harmony in pandemonium. We turn chaos into your strategic advantage.

Remember to play

Unleash your creativity and leave the rigidity behind. Tech isn't just coding — it's about creating, innovating, and exploring. We transform work into a playground where ideas flourish, innovations spark, and your awesome potential is set free.

Who we are

"Breaking Bad" fans, frontend nerds, and software professionals with 20+ years of experience between the two of us.
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Dennis Rijkers

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We don’t do boring. And we don't do average. We do Agile, creative, and fun-loving frontend dev.

Still unsure about PinkPollos? We get it. You need more than just promises — you need a partner who delivers.

Strength-Driven Strategy

You've seen plenty of buzzwords and jargon in the industry, haven't you? We believe in cutting through the noise. Challenges? Those are the moments when we shine brightest.

Empowering Independence

People make the business, not the other way around. This isn't just a lofty ideal for us—it's a reality. We focus on nurturing the growth and autonomy of our team members.

Deep Tech Expertise

You're not looking for recruiters. You need seasoned experts—individuals who understand the terrain, who've been there, done that. With over two decades of combined experience, our team at PinkPollos doesn’t just know the game—we wrote the rulebook.

People Skills and Humor

In an industry where screens often replace faces, we understand the value of human connection. We ensure our consultants excel in communication, fostering an environment where humor is the glue binding teams together.

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"Pink Pollos excels at hiring top-tier developers who provide quality frontend work in an agile environment. Their team's adaptability and strong communication skills drive project success. I highly recommend Pink Pollos for their commitment to delivering innovative and impactful solutions."

Arjen de Ruiter - Engineering leader

"In technical prowess and agile expertise Pink Pollos excel. Their adaptability and strong communication make project success inevitable. I wholeheartedly recommend Pink Pollos for their unparalleled ability to deliver innovative and impactful solutions. Also, they're fun to hang out with."

Roel Kerkhofs - Technical Manager at SpronQ

"I had the pleasure of working along side Pink Pollos. Their consultants propelled our online presence forward by delivering high quality front-end work. I can recommend Pink Pollos for their expertise in providing a distinctive user journey."

Rens Voogt - Senior Project Manager Agile Software Factory

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